Our business details

High Precision complex shape machining.
By combining the know-how cultivated through our original process monitoring technology
We can reduce the process and machining time for micro machining and complex shapes that are considered impossible to achieve.
Thus, we provide high quality and high precision.


At Yamamoto Precision Metal Technologies, we specialize in producing precision parts, amongst others.
All our products are domestically produced. This enables us to provide many merits such as a sense of security, reliable and speedy delivery, etc.  
Apart from this, we also specialize in producing core parts of machine tools and parts in the energy field such as power generation facilities.
Whilst refining our technical abilities, we work to provide products that are complex in shape that other companies cannot provide.

Machine Tool Parts

Manufactured Products: Flanges, bushings, etc.

Hydraulic Machine Parts

Manufactured Products: Cylinder blocks, etc.

Metal Art

They say that the art already exists within the artisan. Our story begins with a lump of metal. When cut, what emerges from it is metal art.
This metal is processed with ultra-precision to the smallest detail. In this way, craftsmanship that is fully versed in the characteristics of metal materials and state-of-the-art machinery is used to maximize the appeal of metal art and bring out the best in it.
We hope you will enjoy such delicate and high-level metal designs.

Metal Objects

To create an elaborate structure, the metal is
and carved out like a sculpture.
The shape of this creation makes one feel as if it is


The surface has a smooth finish with a luster peculiar to metal, giving it a luxurious feel.
It is a perfect addition to your everyday life


A precision-machined ballpoint pen
With a grip and thickness that can be customized to your liking.
It exudes a sense of high quality.