We are a company that actualizes the vision of our customers.
“I want to construct an advanced machine.” “I want to create the best machine in the world.” We put our heart and soul into our work to fulfill such wishes of our customers.

Precision machining technology that we have been pursuing since our founding.
From prototyping and modeling to mass production

Since establishment, our company has been committed to the advancement of the process of metal cutting, polishing, and drilling. Over the years, we have made our precision processing technology more sophisticated.
Our production management system allows us to accept orders for a wide variety of products, from small lots to mass production processing.We deliver reliable products with our well-equipped processing facilities.
Hydraulic equipment parts, medical equipment parts, machine tool parts,energy equipment, infra equipment, etc.
We provide services in various fields.

High-precision machining of complex shapes and micro-processing

With our know-how cultivated through our unique process monitoring technology, we can provide high-quality, high-precision machining of complex shapes that are often said to be impossible to process.

Simultaneous 5-axis control machining can be used for various shapes that are difficult to machine with 3-axis machining. For e.g., impeller-like shapes which are difficult to machine with 3-axis machining

Reliable quality assurance system backed by advanced technology and a long track record

To fulfill our customers’ desires for a society that is safe and secure is our top priority. We deliver the best products with our complete quality assurance system.In addition to in-process inspections by the staff in charge, we use the latest measuring equipment to inspect and control the accuracy of each process.
All dimensional accuracy, geometric tolerances, and surface roughness can be measured.

We employ 3D measurement machines, surface roughness measurement machines, image measuring machines, and even measure and inspect processing surfaces.

We measure all dimensional accuracies and geometric tolerances listed in the blueprint to the micron level, ensuring we deliver highest accuracy in our products.

Full Traceability

The measurement data of each processed product is recorded on an inspection certificate and attached to the delivery. We can also perform a full inspection and submit measurement data upon
customer request.
Furthermore, these data histories are recorded and managed in our in-house database, allowing us to confirm traceability.


We can respond to requests such as follows

To quickly confirm the performance of prototypes for new product development


Urgent completion of prototype


Requests that other companies have rejected due to short delivery time.


Requests rejected on account of being too complex and accurate to fulfill properly.


Your usual contractor’s accuracy standards have declined.


You’re looking for a new outsourced processing company.

How to order: A step-by-step guide

Call/ Mail us for a consultation

First, feel free to give us a call or mail. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

We will listen to you and discuss your needs.

We will ask you to send us your design drawings and ask about your requirements in detail.
After determining whether processing is possible, we will provide a quotation and inform you of the delivery date.

According to your request, our processing representative will visit your site.

According to your request, our representative will visit your site
(However, there may be cases where visits are not possible due to regional factors, etc.)
We will make proposals that lead to the best product for your company.