Yamamoto Seiki Co., Ltd. will properly handle customer information obtained by the Company within the scope of the following purposes.

1.purpose of use of personal information

(1) Identification of the customer
(2) Billing for usage fees, late fees, etc.
(3) Contacting customers in connection with the use of services
(4) Provision and quality improvement of services
(5) Notification of service suspension, discontinuation, or contract cancellation
(6) Responding to acts that violate the purpose of use of the service and preventing such violations.
(7) notification of changes to our terms of service, policies, etc.
(8) response to disputes, lawsuits, etc.
(9) to respond to inquiries, etc. regarding the service
10) Sending materials, direct mail, e-mail, or introducing products and services by telephone

The company may change the purposes of use described in the preceding paragraph from time to time, and in the event of such change, the company will notify the customer or publicly announce the change by a method separately determined by the company.

2. Cookie Policy

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In addition, we may use cookies from third parties to whom we outsource the delivery of advertisements, or from web pages other than those carried on our site. We may also refer to cookies stored on your computer via web pages to serve ads and promote our products.

You may set your browser to “Allow cookies,” “Reject cookies,” or “Notify me when I receive a cookie” to enable or disable cookies, among other options.

Please note that if you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to use some of the services provided by the Company.